With an MBA in Law and Political Sciences acquired in Lyon (France), David Lepetit spent his last 15 years supporting companies, from small businesses to European leaders, in several domains like economy, communication, recruitment and management.

In recruitment and management, David developed original approaches, combining the need for a workforce with strict economic imperatives to setting up forward-looking framework agreements for the companies he worked with, enabling them to attract talent and build their training programs and freeing up funds for executive/management training.

A pioneer in the art of multi-sector projects, other economic sectors have taken up his work, and the French Ministry of Labor even interviewed him on themes related to employees’ needs.

Recognised as a true network builder, he still thinks that talent management is, most of the time, forgotten or, at least, not used in the right way because not focusing on people needs.

With a passion for sports and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject (particularly disruptive strategies), he created Helliconia Sports to understand the human being behind the Athlete and help sports organisations make the best conditions in this domain to help them perform. He likes helping organisations with a holistic approach.

At the summit, David will present “The Good and Bad Ideas in Scouting/Recruitment/Talent Management”, focusing on behaviour, cognitive sciences and the consequences on manager/coaching staff.

His network includes Head coaches, Academy managers, Sports Directors, Owner/Chairman of clubs, and professional athletes, in many sports and across continents.

His approach allowed him to be an official main speaker at the 1st Tennis Innovation Worldwide Conference in 2021. He’s also certified by the BARCA INNOVATION HUB in Sports Analytics and the EM LYON BUSINESS SCHOOL in entrepreneurship.