• #TransformingOurGame

    Africa Football Business Summit

    NAIROBI 2024

    24 - 25 October

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Why Attend the Africa Football Business Summit?

Development Benchmarking

The Africa Football Business Summit will serve as the platform to set the benchmarks to measure the development and growth of the football industry in Africa at the confederation, national association, league and club levels. It is, therefore, crucial for decision-makers in these institutions to attend.

Industry Networking

The Africa Football Business Summit will provide a meeting point for all industry stakeholders to meet outside of the traditional silos creating a rich environment for launching cross-industry, cross-country, cross-continent and global collaborations.

Business & Marketing

The Africa Football Business Summit will provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services with the opportunity to participate in panels and targeted workshops available during the conference.

Growth & Learning

The Africa Football Business Summit promises a rich learning experience with solid curated content and a highly experienced roster of speakers from across the continent and abroad.

Pan-African & Continental

Be part of a genuinely Pan-African and globally recognised sports business event showcasing our football enterprise scene and setting the agenda for the world’s game on the continent.

Magical Kenya!

Attendees will also have the opportunity to experience Kenya’s hospitality and culture and see first-hand the progress the East African country has made in developing its economy, including notable developments in infrastructure. East Africa offers breathtaking scenery, world-class safaris, enthralling cultures, and gorgeous beaches. Take time before or after the Summit to see the region.


“Good initiative, FFA. Thumbs up! Africa definitely needs more of such.”
Prince Narkortu Teye

African Sports Centre

“Thoroughly recommended, an important step for African football. Well done, congratulations, Brian Wesaala, for being the prime mover and driver of this development.”
Professor Simon Chadwick

Emlyon Business School

“Looking forward to what is going to be a ground-breaking event, for sure!”
Dev Kumar Parmar