Kupakwashe Mukurumbira is a  Safeguarding in Sports Strategist, Speaker, Researcher, Trainer and Founder of  Dominion Sport. Kupakwashe is Advisory Board Member for UNICEF UK Initiative on Safeguarding Children in Sport, an Advisory Board Member for Safe Sport International and a  FIFA Guardian Independent Review Panel Member. He is a Safeguarding in Sports Consultant for the Council of Europe. Kupakwashe possesses unique insight and understanding of the global safeguarding in sports ecosystem gained working closely with national, regional, continental and international sports organizations is sought after by sports organisations.

He is a leading global non-academic safeguarding in sports writer with over twenty safeguarding in sports articles published on his blog and various sports websites and sports-related blogs. Some of his publications are featured on  SportDev.Org (the biggest global sport development website), the Sport Integrity Global Alliance(the leading sport ethics and integrity website), Exratime.com (UK Football Website), Australia Sports Commission Sports Daily News, UEFA, Safe Sport Africa Blog and the Safeguarding Spectrum Blog(UK Safeguarding Site).  He is the leading African voice advocating for building a safe sport environment for athletes and eliminating abuse in African sports systems.

Kupakwashe has trained over three hundred safeguarding in sports leaders in a hundred and twenty countries. He is General Manager for Tennis Zimbabwe and has facilitated safe sports training for national, regional, continental and international sports organizations on the importance of creating safe sports environments for athletes.

He is a recipient of five awards of Sport and Recreation Business Academic Excellence from the Centre for Biokinetics, Sport Science, Recreation and Leisure in South Africa.  Kupakwashe holds a Master of Commerce in Sport Management from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the University of Venda, South Africa and a Diploma in Sport Management from the Institute of Commercial Management, United Kingdom.