Victor Bwibo

As plans for the Africa Football Business Summit 2023 reach a fever pitch, we sat down with AFC Leopards CEO Mr Victor Bwibo, who shared his reflections on the inaugural Africa Football Business Summit.

AFBS Team: Can you share your experience as a 2022 African Football Business Summit speaker?

VB: Absolutely, I’m delighted to talk about my remarkable experience as a panellist at the 2022 African Football Business Summit. This event provided an unmatched platform for learning and interaction with some of the most brilliant minds in football business management from Africa and worldwide.

AFBS Team: What was your role as a panellist at the Summit?

VB: As a panellist, my role at the 2022 African Football Business Summit involved engaging with industry experts, sharing insights, and delving into discussions about the strategic management of football clubs in the ever-evolving landscape of football business across the African continent. It was a privilege to contribute to these discussions and gain unique perspectives.

AFBS Team: Could you elaborate on the topics and sessions covered at the summit?

VB: Certainly. The summit offered diverse sessions covering various aspects of the football business. These sessions spanned innovative sponsorship strategies, creative fan engagement approaches, effective talent development, and the impact of digital innovation in football. These discussions provided a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted world of the football business.

Mr Bwibo following Summit proceedings alongside former AFC Leopards goalkeeper Matthew Ottamax and journalist Mosh Junior.

AFBS Team: How did interacting with some of the best minds in football business management impact your experience?

VB: Interacting with the brightest minds in football business management was an incredibly enriching experience. The proverb “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” perfectly captures the essence of the Summit. Each interaction was akin to a forge where ideas and knowledge were refined into actionable insights. These conversations contributed to collective growth that will undoubtedly influence our approach to football business management in the future.

AFBS Team: What were the networking opportunities like at the summit?

VB: The summit provided a wealth of knowledge and offered invaluable networking opportunities. I had the privilege of connecting with professionals with a common passion for advancing football’s role in business. These connections have opened doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, and innovative projects that will shape the future of the football business.

AFBS Team: Do you have any thoughts on the Summit organisers?

A6: I sincerely thank the Africa Football Business Summit organisers, The Football Foundation for Africa, for curating such a thought-provoking event. Their dedication to bringing together industry experts and fostering meaningful discussions is highly appreciated. Africa needs more events that focus on building the capacity to manage sports and doing it with an Africa-centric agenda.

Q7: Would you recommend future editions of the summit to others?

A7: Absolutely, I wholeheartedly encourage anyone interested in the football business to consider participating in future editions of the African Football Business Summit. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a gathering where the best minds converge to shape our beloved sport’s future. The knowledge, connections, and insights gained are invaluable assets for anyone looking to make an impact in the football business. I am excited about the 2023 edition and hope to see more stakeholders join the event.

Victor Bwibo is a seasoned financial analyst and co-founder of Financial Engineering Solutions Inc., a finance research house known for its innovative insights and data-driven solutions. As a devoted supporter of AFC Leopards, he has selflessly committed his time and energy to serve the club closest to his heart, combining his analytical skills and football enthusiasm to contribute to the cub’s success and growth.