Unleashing the Game-Changing Power of Broadcast Technology in Football

Quidich Innovation Labs

In the exhilarating world of sports, where every moment counts, one company has been quietly revolutionising how we experience the game. Welcome to the realm of Quidich Innovation Labs, a trailblazing force in sports broadcast technology. Quidich is headquartered in India, with a regional presence in the UK and UAE. They combine innovation, cutting-edge technology,

AFC Leopards CEO Reflects on AFBS 2022

Victor Bwibo

As plans for the Africa Football Business Summit 2023 reach a fever pitch, we sat down with AFC Leopards CEO Mr Victor Bwibo, who shared his reflections on the inaugural Africa Football Business Summit. AFBS Team: Can you share your experience as a 2022 African Football Business Summit speaker? VB: Absolutely, I’m delighted to talk

ISDE Law Business School Announces $90,000.00 Worth of Scholarships for the Africa Football Business Summit 2023

ISDE Campus

Nairobi, KENYA – ISDE Law Business School, a prestigious educational institution regarded as a global leader for its sports law and business expertise, has proudly announced the availability of scholarships worth $90,000.00 for the upcoming Africa Football Business Summit participants. ISDE puts forward the scholarships with the support of some of the most prestigious sports