The Eritrean football championship, which kicked off on March 10th in Asmara and Keren, reached its grand finale on March 24th at Asmara Stadium. The championship concluded with a riveting final match between Keih-Bahri and Denden Football Clubs, accompanied by an array of cultural and artistic showcases.

Denden Club, representing the Ministry of Defense, emerged as the triumphant champion of the 2024 season, securing a 2-1 victory over Keih-Bahri Club from the Central Region. This victory marked a significant achievement for the Denden team in the national football scene.

Mr. Paulos Woldehaimanot, the President of the Football Federation, highlighted that the tournament saw participation from 10 clubs spanning all regions of Eritrea and the Ministry of Defense. He emphasized the championship’s role in fostering a competitive spirit among the clubs, allowing them to gauge their strengths and share valuable experiences. The event was also aimed at bolstering the development of football within the nation.

The championship’s climax saw Denden Club being awarded the Gold Medal and a prize of 100,000 Nakfa, while Keih-Bahri Club received the Silver Medal along with 75,000 Nakfa. Individual accolades were also distributed, recognizing the best goalkeeper, player, goal scorer, and the most disciplined club, further celebrating excellence and sportsmanship in Eritrean football.

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